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Survey: A good chunk of shoppers plan to up their small business shopping next year

In today’s world, shoppers have many options. A recent survey suggests that a fair portion of today’s consumers plan to look more towards small businesses for their shopping needs in the future.

The survey was from Vistaprint, and over 1,500 U.S. adults were polled in it. The results were weighted to be an accurate representation of the U.S. population. According to the results:

Your will, your estate documents, and you

If you have a car, it is imperative that you frequently take it in to get the oil changed and to perform routine maintenance. If you don't do this, your car will eventually break down, and it could leave you stranded in a very difficult position. Along the same lines, your will needs to be updated and maintained on a frequent basis. Just like the car, if your will isn't properly maintained, it will fail you when it needs to be implemented.

This may not be the perfect analogy, but it does illustrate the main point: if you don't update your will, it is highly probable that the document won't reflect your feelings or intentions years after you've written it. Frequently updating your will ensures that your wishes are reflected and that your beneficiaries receive what you want them to receive.

With optimism high, more businesses may be looking at growing

A recent report indicates that these days, small business owners are more optimistic than they have been in quite some time.

The report was on August’s Small Business Optimism Index score. This score comes from the National Federation of Independent Business, and it gauges optimism levels among America’s small business owners.

The growing generational divide in passing down treasured assets

Estate planning designates material possessions and other assets to family members and other loved ones. For older people, it represents an opportunity to pass down cherished mementos from one generation to another.

Yet, many baby boomers choose not to wait for a will to determine where their material assets go. They begin to hand over treasured possessions to the next generation while they are still alive.

The importance of a business’ relationship with vendors and suppliers

Among the things that can be critical to a business’ success is it being able to smoothly get the goods and services it needs for its operations. So, how things are going with the vendors and suppliers their company is working with can have significant impacts for a business owner.

Vendor and supplier problems can pose major difficulties for a company. A recent report points to them being one of the more significant sources of challenges for retail businesses these days. The report ranked risks for retailers.  Problems with vendors and suppliers were among the factors identified as some of the biggest risks retailers face in 2017.

The surreal implications of Dali having a daughter

Some people will go to great lengths to prove paternity. Maury Povich conducts his own daily circus on his self-titled show featuring spurned mothers and self-denying baby daddies. A man who started his career as a news anchor is now best known for a pair of chaos-inducing catch phrases shouted at the top of his lungs.

“You are not the father,” and, “You are the father.”

3 common reasons to dispute a will

Adults need to create a will early on in life and then regularly update it as the years go on. However, many people fail to even complete that first step. A Gallup poll suggests only 44 percent of Americans have any kind of will.

Upon a person’s death, there is a submission of the will to a court so that family members can more easily divide the deceased’s assets. Many times, no complications arise with this process, but there have been instances when living parties want to contest a will. There are certain grounds where this is acceptable.

A so-called tribute becomes an estate dispute

During his career, Dwayne McDuffie was considered a pioneer of comic books with African-America heroes. While he gained initial fame writing for Marvel and DC, he made his mark in the industry when he started Milestone Media in 1992. It served as a launching pad to provide greater representation of black super-heroes.

Milestone soon secured a publishing agreement with DC Comics where McDuffie created characters Icon and Static while producing “Static Shock,” a TV show that aired on the WB network.

Study: Less than half of Americans have plans for end-of-life care

There's no question that many people find the subject of their own mortality rather uncomfortable. Indeed, it's the reason why so many are loath to make doctor's appointments, buy life insurance and, of course, execute the necessary estate planning documents.

Indeed, a recently published study reveals that it's not just wills and trusts that are being neglected, but also important documents dictating the type of medical treatment to be provided in the event of incapacity.

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