Historic Hanitch Huffman House

Built by the John Hanitch family in 1868, the Hanitch-Huffman House is now the home of the law firm of StachlerHarmon. The most famous resident of the home is Colonel Frank T. Huffman, whose Huffman Manufacturing Company came to national prominence with the Huffy bicycle. The home came into the Huffman family as a present from John K. McIntyre to his daughter Ada, Colonel Huffman's wife.

The house remained in the family until 1945, when it was purchased from the estate by the Knights of Columbus. For 35 years, the Knights used the house as their gathering place for meetings and social functions. In, 1980, facing pressures related to its dwindling membership, the K of C sold the building to the neighboring YMCA, who made it clear that the Huffman House was headed for the scrap heap.

The firm had been searching for a new office facility, and undertook the Herculean task of moving the building from its moorings next to the Y to its new location at 214 W. Monument Ave. On Sunday, Aug. 1, 1982, after two days of inch-at-a-time travel, the Huffman House arrived at its present location. Several months of intensive renovation have made the Huffman House a warm and inviting place for attorneys and clients alike. Now placed on the National Registry of Historic Monuments, Huffman House appears to be a permanent fixture in Downtown Dayton well into the new millennium.