Nonprofit Organizations Attorneys in Dayton, Ohio

Skilled Counsel for Nonprofits

Nonprofit organizations exist to serve the community or the general public. At StachlerHarmon, in Dayton, Ohio, we believe that supporting our community organizations is extremely important. Whether you are getting ready to form a new nonprofit organization or are dealing with issues arising out of the day-to-day operation of an existing nonprofit organization, our law firm can guide you through the process so your organization can continue to benefit the community.

Our lawyers can assist nonprofit organizations in many areas, including:

  • Formation and incorporation
  • Drafting the organization's bylaws, board member roles and responsibilities, and conflict of interest policies
  • Annual reporting requirements with state and federal agencies
  • Filing of tax-exempt applications with the Internal Revenue Service, including Forms 1023 and 1024
  • Reinstatement of tax-exempt status after the revocation by the Internal Revenue Service

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Our law firm works with both charitable organizations and other types of tax-exempt entities. While very similar, a charitable organization is treated differently for tax purposes than other types of tax-exempt entities. For more information about our services to nonprofit organizations, or to discuss your organization's circumstances and options with an experienced Dayton business lawyer, contact us online or by calling today.