Mediation Attorneys in Dayton, Ohio

Using Mediation as An Alternative to Litigation

Legal disputes can be lengthy and expensive battles for individuals and businesses alike. When facing a legal quarrel, consider mediation as a collaborative alternative.

The experienced attorneys at StachlerHarmon can mediate resolutions that benefit all parties.

How Mediation Works

Mediation is a settlement process that allows opposing parties to formulate a resolution outside of court. Unlike litigation or arbitration, mediation is a nonadversarial approach using collaborative instead of combative techniques. The process is private, and settlements do not become public record.

Parties meet with a neutral third-party mediator to discuss the legal issues at play. Generally, the parties meet with the mediator several times. Using open communication and cooperation from both sides, the mediator helps parties develop a fair agreement. However, the mediator is not a judge and will not make decisions for the parties. Rather, a mediator helps facilitate a resolution all parties can agree to.

Parties can enter mediation voluntarily or by court order. Although most courts recognize the validity of agreements reached during mediation, parties may choose to pursue another course of action. Choosing to follow the agreement is dependent on whether the parties agreed to binding or nonbinding mediation. However, because the process is collaborative and both parties work together to reach a solution, it is often quite effective.

Work Toward a Resolution

If you want to resolve a legal matter outside of court, our firm can help mediate a practical solution. From our office in Dayton, our lawyers serve individuals, couples, and businesses pursuing an alternative to litigation. To arrange an appointment, please reach us online or call today.