Wrongful Death Attorneys
in Dayton, Ohio

Bringing a Wrongful Death Claim

When people die due to negligence, surviving family members are left with heavy emotional and financial burdens.

At the law firm of StachlerHarmon, in Dayton, Ohio, we help survivors of wrongful death negligence to obtain justice and restore dignity while obtaining needed compensation for their loved ones' outstanding medical bills and funeral expenses, as well as decreased family income and loss of companionship.

We do this by holding negligent parties accountable for actions (or inactions) that directly caused or contributed to their loved one's severe injuries and wrongful death. We are experienced trial lawyers and effective negotiators.

Justice, Dignity, and Compensation

Our lawyers represent clients in a full range of wrongful death litigation resulting from car crashes, commercial truck collisions, workplace accidents, nursing home abuse and neglect, animal attacks, and accidents on property (to name a few circumstances).

In many cases, it is more difficult to extract compensation from negligent parties than it is to prove their negligence. We are tenacious in our efforts to recover money from insurance companies that refuse to pay policy claims in bad faith.

When possible and appropriate, we enlist the assistance of medical experts, accident reconstructionists, actuarial accountants, and other professionals. We do this as part of a thorough evidence-gathering process by which we can prove the negligence and liability of parties who fatally injured your loved one.

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