Pursuing Rightful Compensation For A Personal Injury

Choosing the right attorney is one of the most important decisions any injured person can make.

A professional but aggressive lawyer who understands your needs, and how to meet those needs through the legal system, can significantly improve the quality of justice and quantity of compensation that you receive.

Committed To Simply Solving Complex Issues

The law firm of StachlerHarmon is dedicated to seeking justice and compensation for its clients throughout Dayton, Ohio, and surrounding communities. If you or your loved one was injured because of the negligence of another, our law firm can deliver results for you in the courtroom or at the negotiating table.

Retain our services, and we will listen to your concerns, discuss your goals and work to reach the best possible resolution, whether in court or in negotiations.

We Can Get You The Help You Need

Our attorneys can assist you with any personal injury damage claims involving these and other situations:

  • Auto accidents, including commercial truck accidents, drunk driving accidents and distracted driver accidents
  • Accidents on dangerous property, including slip-and-falls and animal attacks
  • Accidents caused by unsafe products (product liability)
  • Nursing home abuse and neglect
  • Bad faith insurance claims, recovering money from insurance companies that refuse to pay policy claims
  • Wrongful death

Why Compensating You Is So Important

If you were injured due to the negligence of another, we can help you recover damages for many expenses related to your severe injuries, including medical bills, rehabilitation, therapies, medications and medical supplies, as well as for your lost income or future inability to work. We can also recover compensation for your pain and suffering.

In addition to scouring police reports and examining available evidence, we utilize auto accident reconstructionists, medical doctors, vocational rehabilitation specialists and other experts who can help bolster our clients' cases. We are seasoned trial lawyers and experienced negotiators who can help you restore your dignity, peace of mind and financial stability in the aftermath of a debilitating injury.

Contact Our Attorneys Today

While money is not everything, it can be vitally important to any injured person who has bills to pay or is short on income during convalescence. At StachlerHarmon, our attorneys work hard to secure the compensation our clients need to pay their bills and return to financial health. Retain us, and your only job will be to treat your injuries and to get better. Forward your bills to us, and we will deal with the insurance companies and work to see you compensated.

To discuss your circumstances, and options for compensation, with an experienced Dayton personal injury lawyer, contact us online or by calling 937-608-9398 or 800-645-2911. The first phone consultation is always free.