Skilled Guidance In The Probate Process

Probate is a complex and unique area of law that concerns the process of administering the estate of a deceased person, resolving all claims against that estate, and distributing the deceased person's property according to a will.

It also addresses the estates of incapacitated people who, for various reasons, are no longer able to handle their own affairs.

For the last two decades, the Ohio law firm of StachlerHarmon has represented hundreds of local clients in the Dayton area and surrounding communities in probate-related matters. We are committed to simply solving complex issues.

Seeking Solutions For Your Probate Problems?

Our experienced probate lawyers not only assist clients in creating solid estate plans, we provide advice and legal guidance to clients who are estate holders or potential beneficiaries of estates. We also advise and represent individuals who have been appointed to positions of authority regarding the management of an estate or of the care of an individual.

Our law firm provides legal services in full range of estate-related situations, including:

  • Probating of wills and disputes about probate that lead to litigation
  • Intestate administration (administering a person's estate if he or she dies without a valid will)
  • Estate administration, advising of estate administrators
  • Trust administration, advising of trustees
  • Exercising powers of attorney
  • Exercising guardianship and conservatorship powers and other fiduciary responsibilities
  • Business ownership, succession and management issues in probate
  • Administering guardianships and conservatorships
  • Completing name changes

Retain us, and our attorneys will advise you in all matters relating to your fiduciary responsibilities, and will represent you at probate court or in probate-related negotiations, mediations or arbitration. Further, our seasoned attorneys can advise you in matters related to the sale and distribution of estate property and the filing of estate-related taxes.

Contact Our Experienced Dayton Probate Attorneys

As your law firm, we at StachlerHarmon will provide the guidance you need to avoid any oversights or mistakes that could result in a lawsuit. If litigation becomes necessary, however, we have the courtroom experience and knowledge of probate law and procedure to resolve your issue satisfactorily.

For more information about our probate services, or to discuss your circumstances and options with an experienced Dayton probate lawyer, contact us online or by calling 937-608-9398 or 800-645-2911. The initial phone consultation is free.