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How do you protect your assets from the probate process?

Every estate will go through the probate process when it is administered. But not every estate has to have all of their assets go through that process. Protecting your hard earned property and assets from the probate process is a critical step to saving your beneficiaries and loved ones painful and extended probate litigation, as well as preserving the value of your estate.

Are holographic wills legal in Ohio?

Suppose a disaster strikes, sudden injury or illness affects your family, or a loved one is trapped and alone—in emergency situations like this, a holographic will may be the only option left for many people. A holographic will is one that is entirely handwritten by the person creating it and done without a lawyer involved. These are usually signed by the person who made it, but in some states, they are still legally binding when not signed.

Is a business law lawyer right for your company?

One day you may sit back and realize your lifelong dream has come true: you started a company and successfully survived the scrappy, often tricky first years of business. Now that things are finally slowing down and getting a bit easier, the fear starts to creep in that all your hard work could disappear one day.

For business owners, a succession plan can be a critical part of preparing for retirement

Retirement can feel like a very far off thing as one is knee-deep in the everyday activities of running a business. This may lead some business owners to assume that their retirement is something they don’t really need to think about now.

3 common probate disputes

When a loved one passes away, the will he or she leaves behind may need to go through probate, which is a court process that occurs before the distribution of assets. This is often a time-consuming and expensive experience. There may also be family fights that can prolong and complicate the process even more. 

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