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March 2018 Archives

Business law attorney can guide a startup in the right direction

Startup businesses are prevalent in Ohio and nationwide.  One model that some of them try to emulate is that of wildly successful Uber, the digital rideshare company. However, the right combination of factors must be present and sometimes the owner/founder of the company may make fatal mistakes that are antithetical to business success. It can help to have access to an experienced business law attorney as the company moves forward.

Health care documents are important to estate planning process

Estate planning in Ohio includes preparation of legal instruments that establish certain preferences that persons have regarding future health care treatments. Two common health care directives are the living will and the health care power of attorney, which may be called by different names in different states. Most people do not usually know the difference between the two, and it is something that the estate planning attorney will take great care to explain to the client.

Business law protocols can help stop social engineering scams

Businesses in Ohio and nationwide are facing that time of the year when hackers may present a dire threat to the well-being of the enterprise. Tax season calls up the need for businesses to prepare and distribute W-2 forms. If hackers can get their hands on these forms, they can file fraudulent tax returns, pocket people's refunds and engage in other acts of identity theft. In business law parlance, the methods used by hackers to obtain this information is called social engineering.

Probate litigation: Executor ousted for converting assets

Probate litigation takes place regularly in Ohio and other states. It pertains to disputes between heirs and others over a decedent's estate. When a person with assets dies, his or her estate is filed for probate with the county probate court. This may be done with or without a will. There are numerous reasons for probate litigation to flare up.

3 types of probate litigation issues

You may have heard talk of probate and probate court, but not fully understand what it is or its implications in terms of wills, trusts and inheritances. The probate process is complicated, and a bit of basic knowledge can help you understand better how it works.

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