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Probate litigation: Executor ousted for converting assets

Probate litigation takes place regularly in Ohio and other states. It pertains to disputes between heirs and others over a decedent's estate. When a person with assets dies, his or her estate is filed for probate with the county probate court. This may be done with or without a will. There are numerous reasons for probate litigation to flare up.

Judge names state for probate litigation: Heirs battle for corpse

Many Ohio readers are familiar with the legacy of Charles Manson, which is wrought with scandal, mystery and devastation. Convicted for spearheading a string of murders in 1969, he spent the rest of his life behind bars. The aftermath of his death has also been filled with controversy. In fact, it even took some time for a judge to decide where probate litigation regarding the decedent's estate should take place.

Probate litigation is common between stepmothers and stepchildren

It may not be a popularly known phenomenon, but in Ohio and elsewhere there is a propensity toward probate disputes between stepmothers and their stepchildren. Indeed, the source of such probate litigation may likely be innately tied to the bitter emotional distrust that can develop in such relationships in many families. Stepfather disputes are a little less common than those with stepmothers, but this may simply be due to more abundant numbers of elderly stepmothers who live longer than stepfathers.

Ownership of prior joint funds decided in probate litigation case

Ohio law establishes a probate court in each county; these courts are responsible for processing the estates of deceased persons. When a dispute arises between heirs of the estate, the probate court may be required to preside over a probate litigation matter. A wide spectrum of disputes can come up in the probate courts of this state and nationwide.

The surreal implications of Dali having a daughter

Some people will go to great lengths to prove paternity. Maury Povich conducts his own daily circus on his self-titled show featuring spurned mothers and self-denying baby daddies. A man who started his career as a news anchor is now best known for a pair of chaos-inducing catch phrases shouted at the top of his lungs.

A so-called tribute becomes an estate dispute

During his career, Dwayne McDuffie was considered a pioneer of comic books with African-America heroes. While he gained initial fame writing for Marvel and DC, he made his mark in the industry when he started Milestone Media in 1992. It served as a launching pad to provide greater representation of black super-heroes.

The musical and legal discord between QJ and MJ

The April 2016 death of Prince revealed the high-stakes nature of estate planning when music publishing rights and recording contracts are involved. While that case continues to wind through probate court, two more musical icons are named in another lawsuit. However, while they once united in musical masterpieces, the legal action is hitting quite a different chord.

Failing to plan: Confusion, division and other consequences

Close to 15 months after the untimely death of Prince in April of 2016, the seemingly never-ending battle over his estate continues. The ongoing saga has already chalked up countless court filings, two executors, and six heirs entrenched in bitter disputes featuring changing allegiances.

3 tips for avoiding accusations of undue influence

Your siblings were fine with your offer to take care of Mom, but would they feel the same if they knew that now she wants to change her will? It seems fair that because you rearranged your life to help her, she should acknowledge that with a financial award. However, you do not want them to accuse you of manipulating her from your position as her caregiver, especially if you fear it will lead to a court battle.

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