Can I Transfer Conservatorship of My Parent to Another State?

Life can make unexpected turns. Sometimes you may be required to move to another state for a new job, new opportunities or to be closer to family. However, relocating can be difficult when you are also taking care of someone.

If you have conservatorship of a parent, it is possible to transfer that conservatorship from Ohio to another state. However, you will have to meet all the requirements set by Ohio as well as the requirements set by the other state.

Process of Transferring from Ohio

If you were appointed in Ohio as a conservator, you can begin by petitioning the probate court to transfer your conservatorship to another state. You can then request a hearing on the petition if the court, or others notified by the petition, have not already done so.

At the hearing, the court will consider several factors before deciding on your petition, including:

  • If your parent is expected to move to the other state permanently
  • If the transfer would be against the best interests of your parent
  • If there are adequate plans for care of your parent in the other state

If the court decides to allow the transfer, it will issue a provisional order granting its permission. You will then need to petition for conservatorship in the other state. If the other state grants your petition, the probate court in Ohio will issue the final order for the transfer and terminate your conservatorship in Ohio.

Navigating changes can be complicated, especially when someone relies on you for care. Understanding the legal process for transferring conservatorship from Ohio to another state is an important step when contemplating a move.

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