Causes Of Truck Accidents In Ohio

Commercial trucking companies have a legal responsibility to ensure that their vehicles are safe and that their drivers are properly trained. Sadly, commercial trucking companies often fail in this regard, leading to serious accidents and injuries. Accidents with commercial trucks involve complicated evidence and require extensive investigation, so it is essential to choose an attorney who has experience navigating commercial trucking accident cases. At StachlerHarmon, our attorneys have been representing accident victims for the last two decades.

Dayton Trucking Negligence Attorneys

Understanding the causes of truck accidents in Ohio is important for building your case. Negligence on the part of commercial trucking companies can take many forms:

  • Trucks are not properly loaded or are overloaded
  • Drivers are not given adequate rest time, leading to fatigue and impaired driving
  • Driver's speed
  • Trucks are not properly maintained
  • Drivers fail to maintain cleared distance
  • Truck drivers experience tire blowouts

Moments after the accident, the commercial trucking company's risk management team will arrive on the scene to gather evidence that the company will use against you. You can do the same. By contacting our lawyers from the scene of the accident, you can ensure that evidence in your favor is collected and preserved.

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