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Stachler Harmon Attorneys at Law Nov. 9, 2018

Cybersecurity can have major impacts on a small business’ long-term health. Cyberattacks are not just a concern for large companies. Businesses of any size can end up the target of such attacks. And the financial, operational and reputation damage such attacks can cause can be devastating for a small business.

So, it is important for small business owners to give careful attention to cybersecurity. Today, we’ll go over tips for small business owners on some key cybersecurity issues.


The strength of the passwords small businesses use can have big impacts on how secure their various devices and business systems are. So, it is important for business owners to have policies promoting and requiring good password practices by employees. Companies also may want to look into using multi-factor authentication for sensitive systems.

Computer SEcurity Systems

From firewalls to backup systems to antivirus software, there are a range of security systems it can be critical for small businesses to have for their computer networks. Business owners will want to take care to pick systems that meet their company’s needs. Once systems are chosen, it can be critical to ensure that:

  • They are installed properly

  • They remain properly updated

  • They are functioning the way they should

  • Employees understand how to use them


It is very common these days for small businesses to have their own Wi-Fi networks. Important steps for keeping such networks safe include:

  • Having the router password protected

  • Having the network be secured and encrypted

  • “Hiding” the network

Mobile Devices

A lot of business tasks are done on mobile devices these days. However, these devices could also become major cybersecurity vulnerabilities. So, it can be important for small businesses to have policies requiring that mobile devices used for company business are encrypted and password protected and have appropriate security software.

Employee Awareness

With any aspect of cybersecurity, it is crucial for business owners to make sure their employees understand what they can do to help protect the company from cyber threats. Employee cybersecurity policies and training can play a key role in this.

Responding to Breaches

Sometimes, despite a small company’s best efforts regarding cybersecurity, a breach still occurs. When this happens, how a company responds is critical. This includes how it responds when it comes to legal matters. Skilled attorneys can assist business owners with handling legal issues related to cyberattacks.