Insurance Issues and Your Car Accident Injuries

Insurance issues are central to the resolution of car accident cases in Ohio and every other state.

That is why, after an accident, it makes sense to protect your interests with assistance from attorneys who are well-versed in handling those issues.

At StachlerHarmon, in Dayton, our attorneys have the knowledge and ability to tackle all types of car insurance issues arising out of car accidents in Ohio or in other states. Give us a call today for a free phone consultation about your specific situation.

What Type Of Insurance Dispute Is Involved In Your Case?

Our lawyers handle a full range of insurance issues involving compensation for car crashes. This includes:

  • Uninsured/underinsured motorists — In theory, all drivers in Ohio are required to have insurance. But what happens if the driver who injured you was uninsured or underinsured? Our law firm can help you respond to this situation, such as by asserting your rights under the UM/UIM coverage under your own insurance policy.
  • Litigation coverage — What if you end up getting sued because the other driver claims you were at fault or partly at fault in an accident? We will explain what your legal rights and options are. It's important that your rights are protected in any litigation or settlement arising from the accident, even if the insurance company says they will take care of it.
  • Bad faith — Sometimes, insurance companies don't deliver on the coverage they were supposed to provide, even though there is no legitimate reason for them to refuse to pay or deny your claim. We can help you hold your insurance company accountable.

Taking Action Today

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