Legal Options for Injured Passengers

Passengers have the right to make a claim when they are injured in accidents. It does not matter whether or not the driver was at fault. However, when the driver is at fault, an attorney with the knowledge, experience and empathy necessary to help you navigate what can be an uncomfortable situation is essential.

At StachlerHarmon, our attorneys have extensive experience with passenger claims.

Do You Have A Passenger Claim?

As a passenger, you have a claim against the driver if the person driving the car you were in was at fault. Many people are hesitant to take action against friends after a car accident.

Keep in mind that you are not taking your friend to court — you are making a claim against your friend's insurance policy. Your friend pays premiums for a policy that covers him or her for exactly this type of claim. When you are injured in an accident, one of the three people bears the cost: you, your friend or the insurance company. Our lawyers are prepared to take steps to ensure that the insurance company bears the cost — to the fullest possible extent.

Do Not Wait — Contact Our Law Firm from The Scene of The Accident

Contacting a lawyer as soon as possible after an accident can strengthen your case significantly. Insurance companies begin gathering evidence moments after a car accident. Bringing in a lawyer immediately to do the same helps you level the playing field.

Contact the Dayton car passenger injury lawyers at StachlerHarmon by calling today to schedule a no-cost initial consultation. Because we take injury cases on a contingency fee basis, there is no fee unless we win.

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