Resolving Family Disputes About Probate or Estate Issues

Families often fight. Sometimes that's unavoidable, sometimes not. Either way, however, if a probate or estate issue is involved, it's a sensitive situation — and one for which you need skilled legal counsel.

At StachlerHarmon, our Ohio law firm provides effective legal guidance to families and fiduciaries throughout the probate process. This includes strong advocacy in any litigation that may arise from the family conflict. We are committed to simply solving complex issues.

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What Happened in Your Case and How Should It Be Resolved?

Our lawyers have proven experience in representing all types of parties in family disputes. This includes:

  • Executors or personal representatives of an estate — If an executor or personal representative engages in misconduct or wrongdoing, that is a breach of fiduciary duty. And such a breach can give rise to litigation to hold the executor accountable.
  • Trustees — The same fiduciary principles that apply to executors of an estate apply to trustees. They can be sued if there is self-dealing, fraud or other wrongful conduct.
  • Family members — Members of a family sometimes find themselves at odds over a contested will or other issues. We can help you protect and assert your interests.

When Families Fight

There are any number of situations that could have occurred in your case. Maybe an executor favored certain heirs over others. Maybe a trustee engaged in some sort of fraud.

Or perhaps there was no actual misconduct by the fiduciary — merely hard feelings about a sensitive issue among family members. Either way, you need strong and capable legal representation to prevent litigation where possible and resolve it effectively when necessary. At StachlerHarmon, that is what our attorneys do.

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