Probate for Business Owners Attorneys
in Dayton, Ohio

Handling Probate for Business Owners

Administering an estate or trust can be a daunting task. We are committed to simply solving complex issues. An estate that contains a business or professional practice can be especially complex to probate. When facing issues involving closely-held businesses in probate, it is vital for both the business and the beneficiaries, that the estate is administered in an efficient and professional manner.

At StachlerHarmon, in Dayton, our Ohio firm has experienced attorneys who can guide you through the important questions faced by fiduciaries, beneficiaries, business partners, and other parties when the owner of a business dies.

What Are the Specific Issues in Your Case?

We know that much depends on the specifics of your case. Many questions may arise, including:

  • How should the business be valued?
  • What are the estate and income tax consequences of the owner's death?
  • How will the business assets be distributed?
  • Will the business continue? If so, who is responsible for managing the business?
  • Who will be responsible for outstanding obligations?

These are just a few of the questions that need to be addressed when administrating an estate or trust that contains a business interest. Each closely held business has a unique set of issues that require experience and attention to detail. Our firm will guide you through this complicated process.

Get Effective Legal Guidance

You may need guidance with probating an estate of a business owner, with the administration of a trust that holds business interests, or in setting up a business succession plan. For a phone consultation, call today. You may also complete our online form.