Planning for The Unknown in Your Estate Plan

In planning your estate, you are essentially attempting to plan for an uncertain future. None of us will be able to predict what ours and our loved ones' lives will be like in a decade's time. In addition, we are not able to force how laws might change, particularly in regard to taxes and inheritance.

However, we must plan anyway, and we must write our plans with this uncertain future in mind. This is why it is extremely important to design an estate plan that prepares for a variety of different scenarios.

Uncertain Tax Laws and How to Approach This in Your Estate Plan

Many families, particularly those with high-value estates, might be fearful of taking certain actions because they cannot predict how tax laws will change in coming years. However, not taking action is probably the worst thing to do. Instead, high-asset individuals should design flexible estate plans through the creation of trusts, so that provisions can be altered in the event of a change in the law.

Planning for A Family Dynamic that Is Always Changing

Who you want to leave your wealth to might change over the years. Children and grandchildren are born, and unfortunately, loved ones can pass away. This uncertainty should never prevent you from creating an estate plan now, however. Beneficiaries can be changed over time to reflect your updated wishes.

If you want to update your estate plan so that it can be more flexible for an uncertain future, it is important that you take swift action in the state of Ohio.

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